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User Registration – Inclusive International Calls (IICalls)

IICalls uses a complex algorithm to map your mobile number to the international destination number, to issue you with a unique access number that allows you to make FREE international calls. 

Please ensure that the details you enter in the fields below are correct, otherwise your access number may not work.


Option 1 - Register with Facebook

We don't post your activity to Facebook without permission.

When you connect your IICalls account to Facebook, IICalls will import, use and retain your basic information.
We need additional information such as your mobile number and network that is used to configure access numbers.

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Option 2 - Register directly with Inclusive International Calls (IICalls)

Complete this registration form and your details will be held securely with IICalls. We do not share your details with any 3rd party companies.

Please enter the mobile or landline number of the phone with the inclusive monthly minutes. You can only use your access numbers with this this handset.
Please ensure your network selection is correct, otherwise your access number may not work or you may be charged by your network
Enter the number in its international format (e.g. 00923002052424) - once registered you can configure additional access numbers in the control panel.