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UPDATE: Due to the success of offering our customers free international calls we have been forced to temporarily suspend the issue of new access numbers for ALL NETWORKS due to capacity issues. We URGENTLY need funds to not only increase capacity, but to maintain the existing infrastructure. Please make a  donation if you wish this FREE service to continue.


IICalls is now nearing its second successful year thanks to you, our faithful customers. We have built up a database of many tens of thousands users, and so far we have brought you access numbers for virtually every network out there.

When we decided to set up IICalls, we decided on two non-negotiable principles:

1. It will always be FREE to all users – no fees, no hidden charges, no subscriptions… ever!
2. We will never sell your details to third parties.

Many of you think we are a business and that we somehow make money from you or the networks. We don’t.

We are a community-based site set up to help people like you save hundreds of pounds every month on your mobile phone bills, while allowing you to keep in touch with your loved ones abroad.

But even we have been surprised with the huge growth in traffic on our site. Due to our massive traffic volume, we are now struggling to keep the site running smoothly. We need to acquire cheaper routes, rent more servers, purchase better hardware, and hire more engineers. All of these cost money!!!

So we are kindly asking our users if they can make a small donation to keep the service running.



Remember, you don’t have to pay anything to still use this FREE service. But if you make a small contribution, it will ensure that we can keep the site running smoothly, and get even more working ranges for you.

IICalls Management Team