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Top 5 Telecoms Predictions for 2012

Posted on Sep 16,2011 By Admin

Roland Emmerich (Director) and John Cusack (Lead Actor) from the movie 2012 may have led the world to believe that the end is just round the corner. Whether that is true or not will be decided in a few months’ time. However, we have compiled a list of predictions for the telecoms arena for 2012 which may have the same impact as tsunamis and quakes in shaking up the sector. Cloud computing, 4G, video and wireless data trends - as well as some changing business models are what have spurred our interest into creating this list of predictions. Since the UK is one of the world’s largest markets for mobile and telecommunications, we may be well on the way to seeing some major changes to our ‘tele-connected’ lives.   PREDICTION 1 – The End of Smart Phones What we call high-end telecom devices today may well become obsolete by the end of 2012. The availability of high speed internet through 3G, Wi-Fi and broadband, coupled with the lightening fast development of operating systems, will soon make all devices smart. New devices which will primarily be specialist internet devices with voice + video calling as their second important function will probably make today’s smart phone not so smart after all. PREDICTION 2 – Wireless Operators Will Push Netbooks With the advent of cloud computing, the demand for seamless sync between different devices and the increasing use of social media networks as the primary communication tool, we expect that Wi-Fi operators will push the use of netbooks. And the computer devices themselves will become smaller and smarter to adjust to customer demands. PREDICTION 3 – Investment Will Be Directed Into Bringing 4G Solutions Alive Many of the world’s top telecoms companies have already started deploying their 4G solutions and are already investing into backhauling projects that can handle increased data flow efficiently. At the same time, with 4G coming into the scenario, battery life for telecoms devices will need to improve. We predict that by mid-2012, much of the capital in this sector will be aimed toward deployment and sustenance of 4G solutions. PREDICTION 4 – The Complete Reign of Cloud Computing Apps The talk of cloud computing has been going on since 2009. However, we have reached a point where cloud computing has entered into the lives of most workspaces in our inter connected world. As companies outsource their most important productivity segments to developing countries, or those with more capable human resource, working on the cloud is quickly becoming a necessity. We predict that corporate spend on ‘being on the cloud’ is definitely going to rise within the coming year… and so should the providers’ efforts in rising to meet this high expected demand. PREDICTION 5 – Incremental Charging For Wireless Data Mobile and wireless providers have already provided users with unlimited usage plans and it has now become quite impossible for them to implement usage-based charging modules. The way for 2012, would be to offer best-effort-connectivity at cut throat competition rates and earn from incremental, value-added features. Thus, VoIP, video streaming, online gaming and such services that require consistent and high data flow will be charged premium levels.   The above predictions will, in our opinion, shape the telecommunications market in the coming years. Let us see how correct we have been in our assessments and how, if these predictions see light, the world changes with them. We, as users of technology and the providers of free international calls from UK will continue to provide our services to international callers in the UK.  

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