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Free International Calls to Pakistan

Posted on Jun 09,2014 By Admin

If you are running a business in the UK and have a sister office in Pakistan, you would have to make a lot of international calls on a regular basis. To keep on top of your business you have to constantly be in touch with all members of your staff and communicate properly in order for the business to grow and develop. Emails are a good way to keep in touch but they don’t always provide you instant contact, and it’s common for things to get misunderstood along the way. It is also a lot more time consuming, whereas low cost international calls link you to your Pakistan office directly.

Lets face it, being able to make free international calls to Pakistan is a must if you have another office over there. Inclusive International calls is the only company providing truly free international calls to Pakistan, with no catch at all. These calls are not only free, but the call quality is crystal clear. All you need to make free international calls from UK mobiles is inclusive minutes on your mobile plan and you can make calls to Pakistan for free.

We provide free international calls to Pakistan from Orange, O2, Vodafone, and T-mobile. Now you can keep in contact with your colleagues in Pakistan as much as you want from your mobile. No more waiting around for a reply. Make free international calls to Pakistan from your mobiles now!

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