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Vodafone - Range Closed

Posted on Apr 12,2013 By Admin

Dear Customers We have deactivated all Access Numbers from our VODAFONE range. We hope that you have benefited from IICalls, but the range was causing many issues regarding a few users getting charged by their network. While we ensure that we fully test our access numbers on every network, we can not guarantee that they will be inclusive on every single contract on that network. Please read our T&Cs  and all other communication where we strongly advise our customers to make short, regular test calls to ensure they are not being charged by their network. We do have a replacement range, but our engineers are working extremely hard to configure and test it to once again bring our VODAFONE customers the opportunity to enjoy FREE international calls. As soon as this replacement range is ready, we will inform you via SMS and email. Many thanks. IICalls Technical Team

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Posted on Apr 04,2013 By Admin

 Dear Customers Great News! Our brilliant engineers have done it again. We have finally managed to obtain a range of access numbers that will allow Vodafone customers to make FREE international calls using their inclusive mobile minutes for the first time. Login using your registered email or use your Facebook login. If you have forgotten the password please click the 'forgot password link' on our website to be sent an email reminder. Then, from the 'Manage My Numbers' page simply add your International Destination Numbers again including the country code (e.g. 00913002012345). The new access number will be added to your list and you will be able to dial the access number to make free international calls. Our engineers have tested access numbers from this range and can confirm the range allows you to make free international calls from a Vodafone monthly contract. However, we realise that this is a new range of numbers and may not work on every Vodafone contract. Therefore, please make a short test call first to ensure that the call is coming out of your inclusive minutes, and you are not being charged. There is no limit to the number of calls that you can make but please remember that if you exceed your contract inclusive minutes you will be charged for the calls outside your package like any other number. We always recommend that you check your bill regularly to ensure that calls continue to come out of your inclusive minutes and that you are not being charged. Please read our terms and conditions, Happy Calling, and tell your mates! The IICalls Support Team

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Add New Numbers on O2 for a Limited Period Only!

Posted on Apr 02,2013 By Admin

Dear Customers We have managed another quick fix to our hardware to cope with the additional traffic volumes. Therefore, we are now allowing customers on the O2 network to add new numbers for a limited time only. New mappings will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, until the additional capacity in our system is filled. Then we will be forced to suspend mappings again - so get moving! Simply go to and log in to your account. On this page, you can add your new international numbers. Please watch the blog to see when this situation changes for all other networks. As always,we advise you to make short test calls to your access numbers regularly to ensure that you are not being charged by your network.  In the meantime, if you wish for IIC to continue providing you with FREE international calls, please go to and make a donation to help us with our running costs. Remember - the more you guys support this community site, the better service we can provide! Thanks. IICalls Technical Team

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