blog201110 T-Mobile is Charging Amount from Some Users

T-Mobile Range - Update

Posted on Oct 27,2011 By Admin

It has been brought to our attention that T-Mobile are now charging some users for using the T-Mobile range. Not all users, but some users. The range has also been barred by T-Mobile for certain contracts. We advise all T-Mobile users to make a short test call to see if they have been affected. We are in the process of acquiring another T-Mobile range, but it may take a few days for our engineers to configure this range to work on the IICalls service. Watch this space, as always... The IICalls Admin Team

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Orange Service Now Available!

Posted on Oct 05,2011 By Admin

We have finally managed to acquire a suitable inclusive range for Orange! It works in a slightly differently way to our IICalls service, however... To those Orange customers who have registered for the IICalls service before 10/5/2011, we have sent you an sms with details on how to get FREE international calls using this new service. For new customers, if you have an Orange monthly contract with inclusive minutes and wish to make FREE international calls, then you will need to first register to our FREE service. Then log in to your account, view the User Panel on the right hand side of the screen, and select the option "Orange Access Details". Here, you will find details on how the FREE Orange service works. Always serving the best interests of our customers, The IICalls Team

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