affiliate-scheme Free International Calls from UK with O2, Orange and TMobile: Use Cheap Inclusive Mobile Minutes

Work with IICalls - make hundreds of Pounds every month!

We receive hundreds of requests from customers wanting to work with us as affiliates. We have never had an affiliate model, but we have finally set one because of the huge demand.


So what is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person or business that promotes a product or service to potential NEW  customers, in exchange for a commission based on results.

Who can be an Affiliate?

Anyone can be an affiliate - from a single person working in their bedroom to a large business.

What skills do I need to become an Affiliate?

Just hard work. It’s that simple. The harder you work, the more you will earn.


How does the IICalls Affiliate Scheme work?

The secret to any affiliate scheme is to keep it simple and clear. This is how our scheme works:

  1. Sign up to the IICalls Affiliate Scheme.

  2. Go and find NEW customers to sign up for IICalls (this should be easy as who doesn't enjoy making free international calls?).

  3. Once you have signed up a NEW customer, he/she is marked as your customer and you get paid for EVERY MINUTE this customer makes using IICalls.

  4. The more customers you sign up on IICalls, your money you make!

  5. The more minutes each of your customers uses on IICalls, the more money you make!

  6. You will receive a monthly statement of your commission.

How can I become an Affiliate for IICalls?

Complete the Agent registration form here.

Let’s hope you join us in our quest to bring free international calls to even more people in the UK.