Vodafone-International-Calls-Srilanka Free International Calls from UK with O2, Orange and TMobile: Use Cheap Inclusive Mobile Minutes

Vodafone International Calls to Sri Lanka

It’s a fact that international calls are expensive, so if we say they’re free you’ll think it’s a joke, but it's not! Inclusive International Calls is providing you with free international calls from mobiles, and you can now make free calls to Sri Lanka from your mobile.

Inclusive International Calls offer free Vodafone International Calls to Sri Lanka. Free calls are made by using your Vodafone inclusive minutes. It may seem an impossible thing, but it has been made possible in the UK by Inclusive International Calls. We’re the only company providing a free calls service in the UK.

All you need to do is complete our online registration form to benefit from this service. It will only take a couple of minutes to then enjoy free Vodafone International Calls to Sri Lanka. For registration, click the link below.

 Vodafone Free International Calls Registration