O2-International-Calls-Srilanka Free International Calls from UK with O2, Orange and TMobile: Use Cheap Inclusive Mobile Minutes

O2 International Calls to Sri Lanka

Inclusive International Calls offer free international calls to Sri Lanka from your O2 mobile. O2 International calls to Sri Lanka used to be difficult and expensive, but our state-of-the-art systems have made it possible for you to make calls to Sri Lanka from your O2 mobile so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones.

If you frequently call friends and family in Sri Lanka, you’ll be glad to know that IIC can help you make free international calls using your O2 mobile. With our service, you can make calls to Sri Lanka to talk with your family, friends or colleagues.

The Sri Lankan community is a large community in the UK. There has been a long time demand for affordable calling service to Sri Lanka from the UK, and IIC is the first company to take step to offer free calls to Sri Lanka from O2 mobile networks. In order to start using our international calling service to Sri Lanka, please fill our online registration form and select O2 as your Mobile Network using the link below.

O2 Calls to Sri Lanka Registration