FAQs Free International Calls from UK with O2, Orange and TMobile: Use Cheap Inclusive Mobile Minutes

Inclusive International Calls - Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of the cheap international call is very common in the UK. To some extent, people also know about free international calls in the context of online/web-based services but what IICalls has to offer is very unique – FREE international calls from mobile phones in the UK.

So we appreciate that first time users will have some questions on their minds. We have listed the most frequently asked questions here. If you have any more questions, we would love to answer them for you - just contact IICalls Support.

Q1. Using this service, can I literally make free international calls from my mobile? Really???

Answer. Yes. Really. The cost of the call comes from the inclusive minutes in your mobile plan. Technically, your network has already charged you for these minutes in your monthly plan. Neither the IICalls website, nor the system that gives you the access number, charges you a single penny. So, in a nutshell... if you have inclusive minutes in your monthly mobile plan, you can now use them to make free international calls to virtually any destination of your choice.

Q2. Will I land into any kind of trouble with my service provider?

Answer. Absolutely NOT! Your mobile service provider and the telecoms regulatory bodies have full knowledge of our service, and you will not land into any kind of trouble whatsoever.

Q3. What happens if I run out of inclusive minutes and do not know about it? Will I still be able to make the Call?

Answer. Yes, you will still be able to make the call but you will get charged by your network at your out-of-bundle standard cost - typically 10-20 pence per minute. Of course it is still far cheaper than calling that number using your network’s international rates. Remember to keep track of your remaining inclusive minutes so that you do not get an unexpected bill at the end of the month.

Q4.  Are there any hidden costs to using the IICalls system? No matter how small?

Answer.  No... there are absolutely no hidden charges, big or small, for using the IICalls website or the system. No signup fee, no connection fee, nothing. And we promise NOT to sell your details onto third parties either. All we recommend is that you make regular short test calls to ensure you are not getting charged by your network.

Q5. Which destinations does the IICalls system allow me to make international calls to?

Answer. You can call many destinations of your choice. Typically, our system is most commonly used for international calls to India, Pakistan, Poland, Bangladesh and USA. But the service is not limited to only these countries. NEW - You can now check the latest list of destinations that work on the IICalls system. Simply log into your IICalls account, and visit our new Destinations Status page in your Members Control Panel.

Q6. What do I do if I entered a wrong international destination number? What if I want to change/add my destination number?

Answer. The IICalls system allows you to change your destination number very easily. All you need to do is to log in to your account on the website and use the user panel navigation to make your changes. Follow the steps, it is quite simple, really!

Q7. What can I do if I change my mobile phone number? Do I have to re-register with my new details?

Answer. Yes. Our access numbers only work using the mobile number and network that you entered when you registered. You will need to open an new IIC account with your new details, our system will not allow duplicate emails/mobile numbers so you may have to email our support team to delete your old account.

Q8. What happens if I change my network?

Answer. We realise that people port numbers across networks all the time, however the access numbers we issue to you depend on the network showing in your account. Please contact our support team, and let them know if you have changed network. They will happily change your network status for you.