Pakistan Open Now

Posted on Dec 03,2013 By Admin

Dear Customers


Yes, the technical geeks at IICalls have done it again! After 12 months absence, Pakistan is finally available again on IICalls.


The Pakistan Telecoms Tax that all international carriers are legally forced to put on every international call since November 2012 has meant it has become very expensive to call Pakistan. Even the cheapest dialling cards cost 6p/min to call Pakistan.


We have managed - we cant tell you how because its a secret - to get the Pakistan route working on IICalls. This means that if IICalls supports your network, you can now enjoy FREE international calls to Pakistan.


Simply go to and add your Pakistan number. We don't currently support Pakistan landline, but 99% of the calls made to Pakistan are to mobiles anyway!


While we ensure that we fully test our access numbers on every network, we can not guarantee that they will be inclusive on every single contract on that network. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page and read and all other communication where we strongly advise our customers to make short, regular test calls to ensure they are not being charged by their network.


Happy calling...



The IICalls Management Team 

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